Effective SEO Techniques 2019

Effective SEO techniques, Seo techniques, Seo techniques 2019

To attain a good ranking in Search Engine Result Page is what everyone is aiming at. it takes both time and effort. To make it easier there are some effective SEO techniques that can be easily implemented and will definitely bring some positive results. Interestingly, you can probably do everything by yourself.

During the years we have observed something is really shocking. For branding their product or services many clients are spending a good amount for search engine optimization services. But surprisingly, it comes to notice that the basic things, like keywords in titles were missing. So, it has become a necessity to follow effective SEO techniques for getting results gradually.

Effective SEO techniques:

  • Optimize Your Titles and Headings
  • Arrange Pages in Website Navigation
  • Add Breadcrumbs to Your Pages
  • Implement Tracking on website
  • Install an SSL Certificate
  • Secure Your Maps Listing
  • Compress & Optimize Your Images
  • Increase your website Speed
  • Interlink Your Pages with Anchor Texts
  • Link to Relevant Websites
  • Secure Your Social Media Profiles
  • Keep sharing Your Pages & Posts
  • Share another People’s Content
  • Ask for Reviews from Customers
  • Custom Design Your 404
  • Use High Quality Content
  • Update/Improve Existing Content
  • Recreate Existing Content
  • Make Your Website Mobile Friendly
  • Acquire Your Competitors’ Backlinks

Optimize your Titles and Headings

Keep one thing in mind, the title tag has the heftiest thing we are going to use in our page, it is very important in search engine optimization, so make sure your keyword is there in the title. In latest seo tricks the nearer the furthermost keyword is in the beginning, the better will be the result. After that, comes the Heading where you need to add on the proper keywords as well. The H1 primarily the most important heading so it should be the first thing on a page. In many cases, H1 and the title is same, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.   

Arrange Pages in Website Navigation

If we talk about the structure of the website, Navigation is the most important element. Well, it comes to the very top of the page, and because it’s the first thing linking to your ‘other’ pages, give those links a lot of weight. This linking part will prove a great seo technique. Therefore, the pages should be prioritized carefully.

You must have seen that pages optimized for some of our most important keywords are linked to the navigation menu. These links are found on every page on the website, it makes these pages look very important in Google crawler. That’s actually one of the reasons the Homepage has such the main authority of all website. It’s because, usually, the logo on every page links to it. These are laser known but most effective seo techniques.

Add Breadcrumbs to Your Pages

Adding breadcrumbs can prove valuable to your website, specially, if it’s an eCommerce. This is due to the fact that they itself can create structure within your site. Mostly online stores, link their products to their category pages. This simply mean that it makes them stronger by giving these products a genuineness. If you want to rank high your category pages, you should know how to use effective seo techniques, because those are optimized with the keywords, with the most search volume. With Breadcrumbs, you will merge the strength of your Category pages by linking to them with all the subcategories.

Implement Tracking on website

Tracking is awfully important. If you don’t care about the tracking your rankings and traffic, you can’t make out the issues with your website. if you don’t monitor the organic search traffic you can’t come to know about your progressive report. Besides, you won’t be able to identify whether the search engines penalized you or your rankings have dropped.

Google has provided us with the free tools of keeping the tracking record check, for this you can use Google Search Console and Google Analytics. It will tell you about the organic search traffic and issues related to your pages. These tools can be easily installed, as long as you have access to your website. This will definitely give boost to your strategy of seo techniques.

Install an SSL Certificate

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) has become a ranking factor since 2014. It provides a secure channel between two machines operating over the Internet or an internal network. Cybercrime is also hitting the digital world constantly and the data we are sharing on internet is sensitive and becoming unsafe day by day. Installing an SSL is quite easy. By making your server secure you can share and protect the data you are using and providing. When user comes to know about the secure server, he or she will feel secure to share their personal information. So, this seo technique can also help you alot to attract more traffic to your website.

Secure Your Maps Listing

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By using Google MyBusiness you can get your business or website listed on Google. Not only that, but it will also link back to your website. This effective seo technique enable people to find your business easily if it is not ranking very well on SERP. Once you listed here or claim ownership of it, make to fill the required details correctly. You should also add photos of your location, products and team. This will help in building trust with your clients

Compress & Optimize Your Images

if you want to have best out of something, leave no stone unturned. Images need a good space on your server. That means they also take the most of the space on your user’s device, as a result they also take the most time to load. Slow loading speed can impact your conversion rate and images really take the longest to load because of its size.  By using various tools that can compress the picture, will reduce images without effecting its size or quality in display. This can be counted as smart latest seo trick to optimize the speed of your website.

Increase your website Speed

Another important effective seo technique is don’t overload your website. Besides picture in the server we use, there are many other reasons which can really affect the speed of your website. To avoid conflicts and slow database loading times, you can limit your plugin that you are using. Unnecessary plugins and extensions are not needed. Try to get rid of them. But before doing anything take a backup of all files and database.

Interlink Your Pages with Anchor Texts

Interlinking comes amongst the effective SEO techniques. You create links to important pages by using anchor texts. Whenever you put new content, make sure that you link it to other relevant pages within your website. You can do it other way round also, edit some old pages from your site and add links to your new content, if relevant. if you do so, which means you genuinely following the latest seo tricks to boost your ranking.

Link to Relevant Websites

This is very important part of SEO technique. it’s because Google works on backlinks! That’s how it finds good content and at same time figures out which content is worth ranking at the top. That’s why Google always give preference to great content. Surprisingly, you’ll have to share other people’s content in order to get linked to yourself. This can actually improve your ranking.

Secure Your Social Media Profiles

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You may be probably using one or two of them but to use many is not a bad idea. Social Media profiles are a great method of getting some preliminary backlinks to your website. The seo technique of optimization of social media profiles, the most popular ones are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. However, depending on your niche, you can consider other related social media platforms too.

Keep sharing Your Pages & Posts

If you want to get more traffic to your website, you need to get very active on social media. It simply means that you have to use social media to go viral. If people read your content and like it, they might not bother sharing. So, you need to facilitate this process of seo technique. Add share and like buttons on every page. It will somehow give a user second thought to read and share your content.

Share Another People’s Content

It is very useful if you share interesting content, even if it’s not from your own website. If you want other people to share your content, you need to give preference to their content. It’s better if you get shares from other pages instead of people’s personal profiles, because google won’t index personal profile. It will not allow Google to see the backlinks created from shares. This process of effective seo techniques will definitely help in attracting more traffic.

Ask for Reviews from Customers

Although getting reviews are a local SEO ranking factor, the higher your listing ranks, the more valuable it will prove to your website and business. Getting good reviews is quite easy if you offer quality products or services. Users can leave a negative review too, so you have to work a little harder. You can ask every time you have a satisfied customer for favourable review.

Custom Design Your 404

It’s a very decent impression to have a custom web design for your 404 page. It means the experience of not finding what you’re looking for is already bad. But you can add some humour to it. Without wasting a time user will most probably leave when they see error 404. By providing some links to related pages, you can hopefully return some traffic to your main pages. These effective seo techniques are rarely used, but if somebody does this, it is very helpful.

Use High Quality Content

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There is no rocket science in content you post, the more relevant content you use, the more traffic you will attract. Content comes amongst the effective seo technique, as it the king. what you need to do is, post blog regularly to show Google that your website is active. It’s also a great way of getting new backlinks, as people will be more likely to share those rather than your services pages. The style of your writing should be unique. The information you are going to provide should fulfil the motive of knowledge.

Update/Improve Existing Content

If you have some content on your website that’s targeting a specific keyword, don’t repeat writing on the same subject. You’ll get into keyword cannibalization; multiple pages will be competing for the same keyword and probably none will get ranked. You can simply improve the existing article by adding new content to it. Whenever you find out something new related to subject of your article on your website, make sure to write it down. You can update your article from time to time to maintain its freshness by using this latest seo trick.

Recreate Existing Content

You can easily attract search traffic by repurposing existing content. You can turn it into a PDF and use it to build your e-mail list, or you can turn it into a video or a podcast. Another thing you can do in this seo technique is to use that content to share it directly on social media as a story. Audience prefer different types of content format, so expanding to more than just text is appreciable.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Google has recently updated its indexing process by moving to a mobile first. Your website should be mobile friendly. Its interface on mobile must have a simple one. It should not be confusing. Its speed should be genuine.
it can also called the latest seo trick. Therefore, Google will rank your pages depending on their interface on user’s mobile.

Acquire Your Competitors’ Backlinks

Backlinks are very hard to get, but once you get it, they are very effective. This seo technique can gives you satisfactory results. Link building opportunities are not easily available. However, there are some easy OffPage SEO tricks that allow you to acquire high quality backlinks that can be really helpful.


You might surely hear about these SEO techniques before, but the point is have you ever tried them? These SEO trcicks may not be easy to implement, but surely you will be able to improve your rankings with them. Everything mentioned above doesn’t require any expert. It won’t put your website in any risk of getting penalized. So, if you know the effective seo techniques properly, it will take you less time to acquire the desired results.

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