PPC (Pay Per Click) Adverts

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PPC stands for Pay per click, in this digital marketing tactic, publishers pay for each time their advertisement got clicked. PPC adverts is a basically a technique of getting more visitors to your website. It will not be counted in organic result as it comes under paid category. These visits do not come naturally. But this PPC advertising idea is very effective because the output after paying the amount is quite satisfactory.

The most popular method used in PPC adverts is Search engine advertising. In this, advertiser bids for ad space. When someone searches about specific keyword in a search engine’s sponsored links it should be related to the services they are going to offer.

PPC adverts are mostly displayed at the top, bottom and right-hand side of the SERPs. And the positioning is entirely determined by the bidding system. The process of bidding is like, higher the cost so will be the results. The pricing for keywords also varies, stronger and specific is the keyword, automatically it costs higher. it will cost you less if it is phrase keyword.

PPC Strategy

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The foremost way to start a PPC(Pay per click) Campaign is to consider each and every aspect of online marketing. You need to have idea of your competitors, the business strategy and about the targeted audience. You need a brand and full-fledged marketing strategy for the services you are going to provide. Infact we can say that the PPC advertising ideas need a good strategy for execution.

Set the Target

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To set the target is always beneficial. One should have the clear idea that what exactly is needed through PPC adverts, whether it’s for increasing the traffic or it is only for conversion of the visitor. Or you want to make money through these campaigns. So, if you have the set goal it will be easier to achieve the desired result, because it’s not possible to maintain the top position for keywords in SERP all the time.

Run a Campaign

While running the campaign you should keep so many things in mind. The structure and Stats of the PPC adverts is genuinely constructed. Besides this another important thing is the keyword selection. This can be somehow related to SEO keyword frequency. Whatever ad you are running its wording should have a clear impact in audience’s mind. It should give brief introduction about the services. Coming to next level Landing pages should have clarity, which can satisfy customers queries. It should cover all the aspect which a customer can ask for. Therefore, you will have to walk through your customer’s shoes, means you have to visualize the complete outlook of your services. This outlook will definitely help in ppc advertising ideas.

Adverts management

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PPC Pay per click internet marketing analytic concept chart traffics illustration

Nothing is negligible in PPC adverts, one should take care of the structure, wording of your ads, offer details and display URLS carefully. It is very important to keep a check on campaigns performance by tracing both click-through rate and conversion rate. Because the ultimate result of the whole PPC adverts will conclude the final outcome of this exercise.  So keep testing your adverts for better performance.

Benefits of PPC

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  • Pay only for What You desire.
  • You set your own budget
  • You can pay for what you can afford
  • Targeted audience approach
  • Small businesses can do it
  • immediate results within short time
  • You can keep a check on its accuracy


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